Harness the power of radiation dose calculation.

When you need to know it in Sieverts or Gray.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Simulate NORM exposure and estimate your risk.

  • Choose from a comprehensive list of radioactive isotope sources.
  • Calculate dose rates around sources to evaluate time and distance shielding and safety measures.
  • Import CAD geometry for high fidelity exposure scenario reproduction.

Dose from Accidental Exposure

Determine dose rates at distance from sources of radioactivity.

  • Use 3D geometry modeling combined with precise source definition options to full describe your exposure scenarios.
  • Estimate dose around areas of interest in 3D.
  • Quickly and easily change source activities to highlight danger zones.

Education & Training

Learn how radiation interacts with your environment.

  • Demonstrate the effects of physical shielding, as well as time and distance approaches.
  • Visualise the effect of the inverse-square law for various sources, and types of radiation.
  • Discover and learn how to shield secondary radiation particles.

Product Design, Development & Engineering

Incorporate dose calculations into your design process.

  • Quickly reevaluate new shielding designs in the presence of various radiation sources.
  • Visually explore dose distributions around products and devices defined using CAD geometry.
  • Quickly specify geometry to test new shielding approaches and concepts.

Monte Carlo Simulation

True Monte Carlo radiation transport is used to calculate dose from primary and secondary radiation.

Fluence to Dose Conversion

Shielding Studio uses ICRP and other published fluence to dose conversion factors for calculating equivalent and effective dose.

Validation & Traceability

We are continuously verifying dose calculation results in various scenarios against published data.

Build Your World

Assemble shapes to create your simulation geometry.

Shapes with materials can be placed into your geometry multiple times, at any angle and with any position. Tweak positions and rotations, and see updates in the realtime 3D viewer.

Expose Your Geometry

Dose comes from particle and ion sources.

Sources can be specified as point, circle, rectangle, surface, or volume topologies. Set their position, rotation, and divergence, as well as emission particle quickly and easily.

See That Dose

Visualise in 3D effective and equivalent doses.

Choose to calculate ambient dose equivalent or effective dose from anterior-posterior, posterior-anterior, lateral, or isometric aspects. Navigate the dose grid with easy to use slider controls

Learn From Your Data

Find out where the dose is coming from.

Break down the dose recorded with each detector by particle and origin source. Plot data in the x-, y-, and z-directions to get a full understanding for your exposure scenario.

Parametric Design. Everywhere.

With variables you are in control.

Our realtime parametric expression evaluator means you can make changes once, and control any aspect of your simulation. Use simple mathematical operations anywhere you can enter a number.