Radiation protection will rely heavily upon computer simulation for the evaluation of new and complex exposure scenarios in the future. In particular, it will find increasing application in: the design and verification of new facilities and plant where shielding needs to be optimised; in the reconstruction of radiation incidents; and in radiation worker training.

Computer simulation is used widely in fields outside of radiation protection, where radiation sources and humans are in close proximity, most notably medicine, and specifically radiotherapy in its various forms.

Current Uses

To date, and in broad terms, the primary focus of computer simulation in radiation protection has focused on either the macroscopic anatomy of the human in the exposure scenario so as to determine tissue weighting factors, or the microscopic interaction of various radiation qualities impinging on biological cells, as in microdosimetry.

Less emphasis has been applied to the development of technology for the specification of the surrounding macroscopic environmental geometry and sources that make up a particular exposure scenario.


Practical radiation protection in-the-field benefits from the data output of these foundation and reference radiation studies, however there is more to gain in using computer simulation directly when evaluating worker safety in a particular and unique radiation environment in conjunction with measurements, and currently used methods.

Measurement is of course the gold standard, however we say that designing an exposure scenario before hand is the way of the future. Risks can be managed more quickly and easily before taking measurements in the field.

Shielding Studio

We have implemented our vision for computerised radiation protection in Sheilding Studio. For the first time, it is possible to quickly and easily calculate ambient dose equivalent and effective dose in 3D dimensions for arbitrary sources of radiation, in realistic radiological exposure scenarios.

We are developing Shielding Studio to cater for the needs of industries managing worker safety around NORM sources, accidental exposures, shielding designs in medical scenarios, and much much more.

Shielding Studio is the future of computer simulation in radiation protection.

shielding studio