About Radiation Analytics

We write software to solve difficult problems.

Radiation simulations are labour intensive to develop and maintain, costly to run on supercomputing infrastructure, and produce results that are difficult to interpret for the non-expert. Acting as consultants to industry, we have developed a suite of automated tools for managing the simulation life cycle including:

  • geometry and source definition
  • cluster computing and data management
  • results interpretation, analysis and visualisation
Radiation Analytics Pty Ltd is based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. We specialise in radiation simulation using the Monte Carlo method, prototype software development for radiotherapy, and commercialisation of R&D software used in medical imaging and radiation protection. You can contact our sales team at [email protected]

Christopher Poole, PhD

As a qualified engineer and physicist, Chris has: worked on experimental radiotherapy at the Australian Synchrotron as an expert user; validated shielding for industrial gauges; designed prototype radiation detectors; and developed various radiation simulation technologies.

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