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Radiation Protection

Ambient Dose Equivalent
We can calculate ambient dose equivalent for any radiation protection scenario you describe.
Large-scale Geometry
Do you have a large scale geometry, like a mine site? No problem.
Effective Dose
Are you interested in other types of dose, such as eye lens dose? We can calculate that too.

Radiation in Medicine

Absorbed Dose
If you are designing new radiotherapy technologies, you want to know absorbed dose. We can calculate that before you have to take a measurement.
Patient Data
We can use real patient data, or the phantom geometries that you specify.
X-ray Spectra
Dose from x-ray tubes can be calculated if you know the output spectrum. We can determine that for you.

Radiation Shielding

Let us speed up your product development cycle by calculating the amount of radiation shielding you need, before having to take measurements.
We can show you where the hotspots are so that you can more easily communicate this information to you clients.
You will receive a comprehensive dose calculation report for your radiation shielding scenario.

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

Virtual Area Monitoring
Hotspots cast over large areas in mixed radiation fields are hard to pin down. We can simulate those scenarios.
Worker Safety
Graphical illustrations and quantitative data help to show the non-expert where it is safe to be.
Movement Planning
Moving sources throws up interesting shielding and worker safety requirements. Radiation simulation can help you evaluate those risks ahead of time.

Space Radiation

Single Event Upsets
Don’t loose your hardware due to radiation fragility. Evaluate your risk before launch.
Astronaut Dose
We can help you determine the dose to humans during space flight from mixed fields illuminating complex geometries.
Work with us to determine the scattered radiation spectra from you spacecraft impinging on your detectors.