Radiation Analytics

Simplified, Fast Radiation Simulation

About Radiation Analytics

Radiation simulations are labour intensive to develop and maintain, costly to run on supercomputing infrastructure, and produce results that are difficult to interpret for the non-expert. Acting as consultants to industry, we have developed a suite of automated tools for managing the simulation life cycle: from geometry and source definition, to cluster computing and data management, and results interpretation, analysis and visualisation. Radiation Analytics is the commercialisation of these tools.

Company Spin-out from 2MRD

2MRD is an Australian research and development company focusing on radiation detector development, radiation simulation, and high performance computing technologies. In 2016, we spun out Radiation Analytics to develop and commercialise the radiation simulation technologies we have been using to support our clients.

Dr Christopher Poole

Chris is a co-founder and director at 2MRD, and founder and director at Radiation Analytics. He has been a post-doc at three Australian universities and a researcher at Queensland's largest public hospital. Additionally, Chris has been an expert user at the Australian Synchrotron working on the development of a new radiotherapy treatment modality. He has significant experience in radiation simulation, high performance and scientific computing, and the medical application of radiation.

Consulting Services

Radiation Analytics offers a number of consulting services to government, industry, and academia, including:

  • Monte Carlo simulation of radiation protection, and medical radiation scenarios.
  • Scripting and algorithm development for the Varian Eclipse Treatment Planning System.
  • Orchestration and system management of high performance computing clusters for radiation simulation.
  • Rapid prototyping of custom radiotherapy treatment planning systems and dose calculation algorithms.
  • Data analysis and information processing for radiotherapy.